Featured talk: Leigh Preston

© Leigh Preston | www.leighpreson.co.uk

On 15th January, Leigh Preston will join us at Godalming Photographic Club to talk around the theme of ‘Negative Space’.

Leigh has been taking pictures for over forty years. His work has been mainly thematic, making images as a series. He has a relatively specific approach to what he choose to make pictures of, and he relies heavily on atmospherics, dramatic lighting and strong storylines to convey an individual style.

A lot of his personal work is taken either in isolated places or of buildings and landscapes that are well past their ‘sell-by’ date. His work is often monochrome, using both digital and darkroom processes, depending on the ‘feel’ he wants from the finished print.

Leigh holds two RPS Fellowships, one for pictorial images taken of the mill towns in Lancashire and Yorkshire and the other for darkroom printing. He belongs to the ARENA group of photographers and is a member of The London Salon. There have been two books of his images published: “Shadows of Change” and “Five Essays”. His work has been exhibited in London, Dublin, Birmingham, Reading, Manchester, Gloucester and Belfast.

The talk starts at 8pm so please arrive from 7.45pm onwards to ensure you don’t miss anything.

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If you’d like to find out more about Leigh, please visit www.leighpreston.co.uk.