Competition winners: 14 Oct

  • Spinning around
  • Torrential rain bell tower and church, Italy
  • Better than nature, or not
  • Before the storm (in a teacup)
  • The butterfly effect
  • Night drive
  • Abstrantia
  • The blue walkway
  • Milk delivery sweetheart
  • Growth
  • A celebration of steam orb
  • Racing through
  • Scar
  • The clown
  • Watch the birdie

On 14 October, we had our first non-league competition of the season judged by David Eastley. The theme was Creative Licence and members were invited to submit digital images. This competition was judged online due to the COVID-19 restrictions.

All classes were allowed two entries. There were 54 entries in total.

The winning images are shown in this gallery, each achieving either 9, 9.5 or 10 within their respective class:


  • Spinning around by Carole Hazlerigg (10)
  • Torrential rain, bell tower and church, Italy by Pat Deeley (9.5)
  • Better than nature, or not by Pat Deeley (9)


  • Before the storm (in a teacup) by Anna Levene LRPS (10)
  • The butterfly effect by Marie Patchell LRPS (10)
  • Night drive by Charlotte Wright (9.5)
  • Abstrantia by Charlotte Wright (9.5)
  • The blue walkway by Alex Robinson (9)


  • Milk delivery sweetheart by Collette Patto CPAGB LRPS (10)
  • Growth by David Wragg (10)
  • A celebration of steam by David Ryland ARPS (10)
  • Racing through by Maurice Ford LRPS (9.5)
  • Scar by David Carine LRPS (9.5)
  • The clown by Derek Love (9)
  • Watch the birdie by Graham Johnston ARPS DPAGB EFIAP (9)