Club meetings remain online

All club meetings will remain online for the time being as GPC follows Government restrictions and guidance.

Before Christmas the club had hoped to be able to start face to face meetings again early in the new year. However, everyone will be aware that the raised COVID-19 infection level and subsequent Government restrictions have prevented that from being possible and so club meetings will continue online for at least the first part of 2021. In addition, while the situation continues all internal club competitions will remain in PDI format.

The position will be reviewed as and when restrictions and guidance from the government change but it seems unlikely that things will change significantly before Easter, and quite possibly there will be no change before the end of our season in June. 

The use of Zoom has enabled us to invite some excellent speakers from all parts of the UK who otherwise would not have been able to speak at GPC. We also know that many members have enjoyed being able to attend GPC meetings online from home without having to travel on dark evenings. In addition, long-distance members have also benefited from being able to join in from afar. The club will explore if Zoom can be utilised at normal club meetings when we are eventually able to meet again.

If you are looking to join a photographic club and would like to see more of what we do throughout the year, please take a look at our programme of events for 2020/21.

We always welcome new members to the club throughout the year, so if you have any questions, please contact us or find out how to join.